Austria and China: Societies in Change


As a part of this project two conferences were held: One in 2012 in cooperation with the Chinese University of Political Sciences and Law (CUPL), Beijing, and the University of Vienna, and one in 2013 in cooperation with the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Bejing. They focused on topics of main importance for actual developements in Social Security Politics: in 2012 the presentations described problems of "Social security in times of economic turbulences", wheras in 2013 the problems of " Elderly care in Ageinig Societies" were the focus of interest.  

Although the economic and societal situations of the P.R. of China and Austria are quite different, the frameworks of the legal regulations to provide social security are quite similar, and the economic problems related to the phenomenon of ageing are quite similar either. Thus, in  the publication big problems related to change in different societies and the efforts to cope with them are portrayed , focussing on the same goal: to provide social security at an affordable level and sustainability for the future.


Mazal (ed.), Austria and China: Societies in Change, NWV 2014.