Austria and Japan: Change of Society and the Law


The changes that were the result of social and econmoic developement throughout the past two decades, were the topic of various conferences conducted between 2004 and 2008 , which were part of the cooperation with Kyoto State University.
The conferences focused on the normative dimensions of change: Experts gave overview presentations on the changes in legal fields, which were especially influenced by the social and economic change. Researchers adressed the question which instruments could be used in order to manage the change in a normative dimension, e.g. questions of governance in a democratic society.

As a result of the discussions mutual methodolgical understanding, in the senes of a "communis opinio" how legal questions need to be resolved and how the legislative will can be applied to actual society, was identified as a very important instrument of governance of the legal sciences. 


Mazal/Muranaka (Hg.), Österreich-Japan Gesellschaft und Recht im Wndel, NWV 2012.