Distinguished Lecture Series- Lecture of Professor Zhyuian Guo

On Thursday, June 28th Professor Zhuyian Guo (CUPL) gave a lecture on the topic "Towards a More Effective System: Recent Criminal Justice Reforms in China" at the University of Vienna (Law Faculty). For further information please click here

Course: Criminal Justice in China and Recent Reforms

In Summer Semester 2018 the University of Vienna offered a course on "Criminal Justice in China and Recent Reforms", which was taught by Professor Zhiyuan Guo of the China University of Political Science and Law.

Course Description:

This course examines perspectives on and core issues in China's theory and practice relating to criminal justice.
The course will first give the students an overview of China’s criminal procedure law evolution. At the seminars, the lecturer will guide the students trace the history, learn about the updated legal reforms and illustrate how a criminal case is handled by police, prosecutors and judges in China. More specifically, the course will examine how allegations of crime come to the notice of the police, how the police gather evidence, detain and question suspects, how the case for the prosecution is assembled by the police and prosecution in advance of the trial, how trials are set-up in the Chinese process; including the physical lay-out of courts and the rules that govern proceedings and the personnel of the law. The course will also explore the roles of various legal actors in Chinese criminal justice system including police, prosecutors, judges, defense lawyers and correction officers.

After the introduction to the legislative process of China’s criminal procedure law, we will turn to China’s recent criminal procedure law reform and guide the students to understand the current situation and some key issues in China’s criminal justice system such as anti-torture mechanism during investigation, legal representation, exclusionary rule of evidence, compulsory measures and special procedure.

 You can find further information about the course in the online course directory.

Seminar: the Chinese Petitioning System

On June 8th, 10:00-12:00 a Seminar on "The Chinese Petitioning System (Xinfang)" took place in Vienna. For further information please click here.

Course: Legal System in China

In summer semester 2018 the University of Vienna offered a course on "Legal System in China", which was taught by Professor Wang Chang of the China University of Political Science and Law. Professor Chang taught at Peking University, the University of Illinois and at the China Center of the University of Minnesota. He is an experiencend international project manager, a renowned scholar and a licensed attorney in the United States. He is an expert in Comparative Law and in International Business Development.

About the course:

The course took a comparative law approach in discussing the development of legal discourse, and the ever increasing influence of the Western jurisprudence, in modern and contemporary China. The formation of “Rule by Law” as a “grand narrative” in its historical context, the controversy around different interpretations of “Civil Rights”, and the burgeoning legal reform in the Mainland China was discussed in length.

The students enjoyed the lecture very much and made many positive comments about it, like for example:

"Prof. Wang’s (Chinese native, American lawyer) seminar provides students with a deep insight into China’s legal, political and economic system as of today. Students who are seeking qualified information on China, it's legal system, it's institutions, it's presence and possible future will highly profit from the lecture, the lively discussions and the unique way Prof. Wang combines a lecture on Chinese legal system with the utmost current developments of Chinese society and economy. Prof. Wang’s lecture introduces also to the thrilling and highly interesting Chinese history which is key for understand today’s modern China. A must have for all colleagues with a focus on the rapid developments of rising China and the Far East region. To put it in a nutshell: Highly recommendable!"
(Ralph P.)

Distinguished Lecture Series- Lecture of Professor Anne Black

On Friday Nov, 11th, 2017 Professor Anne Black gave a lecture on the topic „Islam, Sharia and Politics in Southeast Asia: the role of the law to transform society“.


This month Malaysia's nine sultans issued a statement in which they collectively condemned political actions taken in the name of Islam and expressed concern over rising ethno-religious polarization & intolerance. This stance from the nation's constitutional guardians of Islam is unprecedented but it highlights concerns across all of Southeast Asia that Islam is being captured and used for political purposes. The rationale of Sharia compliance has been employed to silence critics and to allow textualist or fundamentalist interpretations of Islam to dominate over the moderate views for which this vibrant and pluralistic region had been previously known.

Although Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia are a long way from Austria what happens in Southeast Asia is important. Not only because Southeast Asia is home to the world's largest number of Muslims but because it has traditionally been a model for democracy, moderate views and tolerance. Yet with the growth of Islamist political parties, the increasing use of blasphemy, apostasy & morality laws, the promotion hudud and Sharia criminal laws, and reversion to more patriarchal interpretations of Sharia family law,  Southeast Asia is changing. And law is the main vehicle by which the transformation is occurring.

This Event was organized by Professor Lewisch in cooperation with MAGNA.

Prof WANG Chang gving a lecture about the legal system in China.