Distinguished Lecture Series- Lecture of Professor Zhyuian Guo

On Thursday, June 28th Professor Zhuyian Guo (CUPL) will give a lecture on the topic "Towards a More Effective System: Recent Criminal Justice Reforms in China" at the University of Vienna (Law Faculty). For further information please click here

Seminar in cooperation with Kyoto University

In September 2018 the University of Vienna and the University of Kyoto will hold a seminar on the topic of "Industry 4.0 and it's effects on labor and social security". The seminar will take place in Vienna. More information to be announced.


Course: Criminal Justice in China and Recent Reforms

In Summer Semester 2018 the University of Vienna will offer a course on "Criminal Justice in China and Recent Reforms", which is taught by Professor Zhiyuan Guo of the China University of Political Science and Law.

Course Description:

This course examines perspectives on and core issues in China's theory and practice relating to criminal justice.
The course will first give the students an overview of China’s criminal procedure law evolution. At the seminars, the lecturer will guide the students trace the history, learn about the updated legal reforms and illustrate how a criminal case is handled by police, prosecutors and judges in China. More specifically, the course will examine how allegations of crime come to the notice of the police, how the police gather evidence, detain and question suspects, how the case for the prosecution is assembled by the police and prosecution in advance of the trial, how trials are set-up in the Chinese process; including the physical lay-out of courts and the rules that govern proceedings and the personnel of the law. The course will also explore the roles of various legal actors in Chinese criminal justice system including police, prosecutors, judges, defense lawyers and correction officers.

After the introduction to the legislative process of China’s criminal procedure law, we will turn to China’s recent criminal procedure law reform and guide the students to understand the current situation and some key issues in China’s criminal justice system such as anti-torture mechanism during investigation, legal representation, exclusionary rule of evidence, compulsory measures and special procedure.

 You can find further information about the course in the online course directory.